DC rowhomes

About Us

Our Mission

DC YIMBYs (Yes In My Back Yard) is committed to making housing in Washington DC accessible and affordable for all by advocating for diverse housing options and increased density. We believe that flourishing communities with a wide range of housing choices foster social cohesion, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

Our Goals

  • Legalize apartments and missing middle: Much of DC is zoned exclusively for detached single-family homes. Wealthy neighborhoods, particularly in Ward 3, were historically zoned in this way to exclude Black and low-income residents. We need to legalize apartments and missing middle housing for more inclusive affordable neighborhoods.
  • End the Height Act: In 1910, Congress passed The Height of Buildings Act, which limits development in the city and makes it difficult for DC to accommodate its growing population. We should not have to live by this century-old mandate.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to build infill housing in urban environments. The climate crisis is an emergency. We support dense new developments and the elimination of mandatory minimum parking requirements.
  • Increase affordable housing: We support all affordable housing—public and private. The waitlist for public housing vouchers in DC is ten years. Even when recipients receive a voucher, they often struggle to find a place to live because there is not enough housing available. We support the DC Affordable Housing Fund that increases public funding for low-income residents, and we also support solutions that increase the housing stock. You shouldn’t have to wait ten years to find a place to live.

We Say, “Yes in My Back Yard!”

Our goal is to make Washington DC a place where everyone can build a life, regardless of their background or income. We recognize the need for diverse housing types, such as row homes, apartments, and ADUs, to accommodate different needs and preferences. The housing affordability crisis in Washington DC threatens our city's unique diversity and rich cultural heritage. Together, we can build a more inclusive and affordable capital city for all.